please allow me to introduce myself...


I feel like these are the hardest posts- the first ones, that is. And those that are unabashedly about oneself, but here I go...

Firstly, thank you for checking out my new venture- a fun foray into the blogosphere to start off 2018 on a brave new foot. This year is already looking to be full of change... something that can be challenging for me, so this blog is one part therapy for me, and hopefully one part entertaining, educational, or thought-provoking for you.

Secondly, staying true to the old adage; write what you know, this blog will cover topics that touch my life in real-time. So what is my life all about?

I am a former public relations professional with a journalism background, turned stay-at-home mom with a feminist streak. The things that make me happy are my children; Ginny (two and a half) and Espen (4 months), our German Shepherd Cody, and my husband Dean. Dean is a vegan pilot (huh?!?) so vegan-pilot-wife-life not only factors largely in my get-er-done streak of independence and eating habits; it also factors into where we travel and live.

Join me as I give a sneak peek into our lives as we attempt to raise little beings to be good, courageous and socially conscious folks, eat some healthy food, and find out where the best doughnuts are in a new city.

Tons of love,